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You want change.  Maybe in yourself or maybe in your organization.  Either way, you want to be a catalyst for that transformation, but somehow you aren't able to bring it to fruition. 


Perhaps you are feeling burned out or your employees are leaving after significant training and hiring investment because they are burned out for any number of reasons. 

I'm Master Coach Brandyn Simmons and I can help you move from burnout to energized creativity.

Burnout and stress lead to cognitive effects resulting in a lack of ability to form memory, process details, and see options and possibilities.  This merely leads to more stress and burnout.  The cycle can be stopped.


Using tools such as mindfulness and Appreciative Inquiry, I partner with leaders and organizations to help them be the best version of themselves.  I have coached all sorts of organizations and teams such as non-profit boards, project teams, hospital and hospice field staff and nurses, caregivers in corporate settings, and many more. 


I have found that a coach approach can bring the answers that leaders already have to awareness so that they can be implemented with accountability and impact. 


Rather than focusing on what is "wrong," I journey with clients to reframe their approach and build upon the positive that is already happening.  By taking this approach with teams, there is greater buy-in from all members leading to lasting change. 


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