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An Appreciative and Mindful Approach

Many organizations have hired consultants to come in and tell them what they are doing wrong.  They want someone to find the problem and solve it as they continue to suffer from the symptoms.  This tends to be a rather expensive endeavor with sometimes little to no results.  Many times, in fact, the organization is left worse off than before they started.  There is a reason for this.  

People and groups tend to perpetuate that which they focus on.  So, if the focus is on a problem, then problems will continue to exist and even grow.  As a matter of psychology, keeping attention on problems tends to exacerbate negativity and lead to low morale.  This is why I take an appreciative approach to organization development.

It is useful to clear up the common misconception of what coaching is and isn't.  Coaching is not therapy, mentoring, or consulting.  There are elements of each and on occasion, a client may ask a coach to use his/her expertise to offer advice on a particular situation.  Overall, however, coaching is using powerful questions, deep listening, intuition, and many more honed tools gleaned from training and experience to help the client overcome challenges and tap into strengths to become the best and truest version of themselves.  

Appreciative Inquiry is the tool I most often use with our clients, especially in groups.  Rather than looking for problems, I help the group see what is going well and why.  What gifts do members have that are contributing to positive outcomes?  What brings passion and excitement to the team leading to motivation?  I state the "issue" in the positive as a goal to be attained rather than finding a problem to solve.  I build on the existing strengths of the organization - both individually and corporately - resulting in a healthy corporate culture and a thriving team.  Please see my blog for more on Appreciative Inquiry and other valuable leadership resources.

Another thing that often confounds those who have hired consultants is the lack of buy-in.  Companies pay great amounts of money merely to have a report full of advice that goes unused.  Top leadership brings in the consultants and employees feel like they have had no say or input.


As a certified mindfulness instructor, I work with individuals and organizations to see the same things from a new perspective.  Problems can become opportunities, liabilities can become revenue streams, and antagonists can become heroes - all from a simple shift in mindset. 

While I will still occasionally consult for my clients, I most often take a coach approach to my work.  This means that the overall aim of the project is the result of buy-in from the entire team.  Using powerful questions that bring answers from within the team, members are left feeling empowered and motivated to implement the strategies that they have contributed to naming.

Check the drop-down menus below COACHING in the menu bar to see what areas I can work with you in to get you or your organization to the best version of itself.

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